Response Theory and Molecular Properties
Sandbjerg Estate, Sønderborg, Denmark
May 5-8, 2004
Information for participants

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In the last decades, impressive advances have been made in the the use of quantum mechanical methods to calculate molecular properties including response properties. Linear and non-linear response methods have been developed and implemented for most of the approximate wave functions used in quantum chemistry, giving a range of computational methods of varying cost and accuracy. Thus it is presently possible to calculate for example excitation energies, polarizabilities, hyperpolarizabilities, and various induced transition moments, for a wide range of molecules and target accuracies. These advances are of importance for both fundamental and applied research. We find it appropriate to devote an international conference to these topics, and are therefore arranging the conference Response Theory and Molecular Properties May 5-8 2004 at the Sandbjerg Estate located in the southern part of Denmark.

The conference is also intended to celebrate two of the Danish pioneers in the field, Jan Linderberg and Poul Jørgensen, who in 2004 turn 70 and 60 years old, respectively.

Invited speakers

Rodney J. Bartlett
Janet Del Bene
David Bishop
T. Daniel Crawford
Jürgen Gauss
Stan van Gisbergen
Nicholas Handy
Frank E. Harris
Trygve Helgaker
Christof Hättig
Karl J. Jalkanen
Michal Jaszunski
Henrik Koch
Yi Luo
Kurt V. Mikkelsen
Jens Oddershede
Yngve Öhrn
J. V. Ortiz
Mark A. Ratner
Antonio Rizzo
Björn Roos
Kenneth Ruud
Trond Saue
Stephan Sauer
Jochen Schirmer
Jack Simons
Dage Sundholm
Miroslav Urban
Olav Vahtras
Luuk Visscher
Danny Yeager
Hans Ågren


The conference starts with an informal banquet in the evening of Tuesday May 4 and the scientific program ends in the afternoon, Friday May 7. The scientific program consists of about 30 talks, and is complemented by a few talks in honor of Poul and Jan. A poster session is arranged in the evening of May 6, whereas the evening of May 7 is reserved for the conference banquet.

Conference program as a pdf file

Conference site

The conference takes place at Sandbjerg Estate, scenically situated at the sea in the south-eastern part of Jutland close to the German border (see map).

Transportation: Sandbjerg Estate is a taxi ride of about 7 km from Sønderborg. There are trains from Copenhagen to Sønderborg every second hour, trains from Hamburg (Germany) to Sønderborg every second hour, and five daily domestic flights from Copenhagen with Cimber Air (

Registration and deadlines

The registration opened January 15, 2004. You can download the plain text registration form here. We hope that you also will present a poster about your recent work.

Due to the limited number of rooms (72) available at the Sandbjerg Estate, the number of participants is limited to 72-85, depending on how many participants share one of the fifteen double rooms. We therefore urge people who plan to attend the conference to register as early as possible after January 15. The deadline for registration is March 1, but registration may be closed earlier, if the number of registered participants exceeds the number of available rooms.


The conference fee is 600 Euro of which 150 Euro is a registration fee and 450 Euro covers boarding in single room and all meals from dinner May 4 till breakfast May 8, as well as the conference banquet. For participants sharing a double room with another participant, the total conference fee is reduced to 550 Euro. For the invited speakers the total conference fee is reduced to 350 Euro. There is also a limited possibility for bringing an accompanying person on a first come - first serve basis for additional 450 Euro, i.e. 1050 Euro in total (800 Euro for invited speakers). The deadline for payment of the conference fee will be March 15, 2004. If you want to transfer the money in Danish currency (DKK, called "kroner") instead of in Euro, you obtain the amount by multiplying the total amount in Euro by 7.45 (1 Euro = 7.45 DKK).

Payment details

Please pay by direct transfer of the total fee as calculated according to the prices above to the account stated below before March 15, 2004. To ensure that the money are correctly credited to you, make sure that your name is included in the address of the sender. If you are paying from an account where your name is not directly included, add your name as a message to the receiver.

Bank account of the conference :
Name of bank: Danske Bank
BIC/SWIFT address of bank : DABADKKK
IBAN account number : DK6630003635167599
(added March 4) We have been told that some banks also require the following information:
Address of bank: Holmens Kanal 2-12
DK-1092 Copenhagen K, Denmark
Address of account holder: RESPONSE TEORI, Kemisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet
DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Abstract submission

All abstracts, both for invited talks and posters, are due March 15, 2004.


The homepage for the conference is ""


All correspondence concerning the conference should be addressed to:

Conference secretary

Mrs. Hanne M. Kirkegaard, Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University.


Hans Jørgen Aagaard Jensen Jeppe Olsen
Dept. of Chemistry Dept. of Chemistry
University of Southern Denmark University of Aarhus
Campusvej 55 Langelandsgade 140
DK-5230 Odense M DK-8000 Aarhus C
Denmark Denmark


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Important dates

January 15, 2004 Registration opens and the registration form can be downloaded from the conference site "".
March 1, 2004 Registration closes.
March 15, 2004 Deadline for payment of conference fee and submission of abstracts.
April 1, 2004 Final program available. Conference program as a pdf file
May 4, 2004 Arrival of participants. Informal banquet in the evening.
May 5-7, 2004 The conference.
May 8, 2004 Departure after breakfast.